Public Transport in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has two main types of public transportation: train, bus and in the near future the tram line will be opened.                                                                                                                                     The bus service providers are the most active and requested public transport in the city and the most frequent types for journey are to work, school/ university, shopping and leisure activities.

Particularly short distances are walked, longer distances are traveled by bike but more than half of the journeys are done by car or public transport. More detailed and related data can be found following this link.


Doing some research and informal interviews I concluded that the benefits of using public transport varies from environmental, economic, social, land use issues while the negative aspects can be related to bad service experience from waiting in line to buy a ticket and finding yourself in the situation of not having any change( bus) ;delays, inflexible routes, crowded space, sharing a seat can be a bad experience, getting wet to and from the bus/ train station.
The negative aspects of using a public transport are mainly personal and can be solved by knowing the users and their specific needs.\, in this case more research is needed.
The positive aspects and the benefits and in the favor of public transport.
Regarding the environmental aspects, there is continuing debate of whether public transport is sustainable or not because trains and buses have to keep up with the advances that the automobile and aviation industries had made in improved fuel efficiency, a solution would be to replace all the actual buses with hybrid ones.
Mass transit is generally regarded as significantly more energy efficient than other forms of travel.
Using public transportation saves CO2 emissions in more ways than simply travel as public transportation can help to ease traffic congestion as well as promote more efficient land use and easy travel for pedestrians.
The economic aspect of the public transport is a benefit for all the people because it is reliable and fairly priced, users save money otherwise spent on car, gas, insurance, maintenance, parking etc

Edinburgh’s Local Transport Strategy outlines measures which will contribute to all the Council’s broader economic, environmental and community objectives by helping to reduce pollution and congestion, improving health and safety and providing a transport system accessible to all and takes into account national and regional developments in transport strategy, the development of the tram project, the Parking Strategy and public feedback.

lothian bus

Because public transport is crucial in Edinburgh especially bus one, there are several bus providers:
Lothian Buses being the major bus service operator throughout Edinburgh and into East Lothian and Midlothian. Offers Regular (day), express and night-bus services.
Edinburgh Coach Lines – Operator of Service 13 in Edinburgh city center.
First in Scotland East – Major bus service operator in Edinburgh, Central Scotland and Borders and others which connects Edinburgh with he rest of Scotland and UK.

Below is data on the modes of transport into Edinburgh for the city’s workforce and visitors compiled by the Planning Information team of the City of Edinburgh Council:

complete surveys


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