Choosing the Masters Project

Starting a Master’s Programme without a final project in mind can be very stressful but because of choosing to follow the Design for Services Master’s Programme  at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design I’ve got the opportunity to discover step by step which is my main interest through the insightful modules.

At the beginning of the Master’s Programme I had a study module called : Design Research where one of the deliverable was about the Mobility and Accessibility of Edinburgh city and the research consisted into a short trip to Edinburgh in order to observe the city and identify the problems of mobility. This project was inspiring as well as the city itself and determined me to be interested into Mobility and Accessibility in cities and to take into consideration a future Master’s project regarding this subject.

IMG_2688 (2)

Further on, few days before Christmas the class had the chance to meet their possible clients and the future projects through the Challenge Bank where we been introduced to a project called Keeping Graduates Green, a challenge from the Canadian transport consultancy group called MMM which reflected my initial topic for the Master’s Project.


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