Project Outputs

This is a short video that is summing-up my masters project entitled Keeping Graduates Green, underlining the brief and context.

How can we nudge students and graduates to maintain sustainable transport habits?

Alina’s masters research, Keeping Graduates Green, addresses a challenge raised by the Edinburgh office of MMM ( Monaghan – Macklin – Marshall ), a Canadian transport consultancy group. Students travel habits are excellent – they walk, cycle and use public transport – but as soon as they start earning, these good habits are lost. Alina has been working closely with staff at MMM to develop systems to make continued use of public transport an attractive option.

Alina is interested in how service design tools and methods can help uncover the barriers and motivations fir transport habits and how engaging students and graduates in the creative process has helped Alina and MMM develop a blueprint for a news service.

The outcome of the project is an innovative green travel system that focusses on shaping students and graduates behaviour in order to ensure the right travel choices are formed in the first place and kept for next generations to come. The new and improved service involves a website, a phone application and a sustainable smart card aimed to be of Bioplastic. The intention is that the service would be funded by a partnership between the universities in Edinburgh and the City Council.


I’ve started a service blueprint with Alex Ioannou by mapping the user journey of a student, being connected to the physical evidence which shows the tangible materials used by the customer.        The front stage involves what the customer see’s and interacts with during the service and below is the back stage which represents the activities seen only by the service providers.                         The support stage is showing the key aspects needed in order to deliver the service such as cost and time.

62The image represents an interface of the MyCard website and phone application. The purpose of both is to be versatile, sustainable and convenient and that is by offering various services such as: journey planning, giving feedback, latest news, information about the loyalty scheme, walking maps, cycling maps and card clubs but mainly topping up online. A key aspect about this service is the infographic which contains up to date information about carbon footprint and savings.


The smart card is the key to this service. The e-purse has integrated information about the riders and is holding the credit safely. It is an e-purse because it combines 4 card in one: student Id, library ID, bus pass and debit card. A plus to it is the option to personalise the card online by uploading a picture that goes on the back of the card resulting into a personal attachment with the card.

The whole system provides people with choice, flexibility and seamless connectivity whether they travel from one place to another or accessing the things they need.

Next I’m planning to take this project a step further and create a functional mock-up of both the website and the application and design several marketing materials for example: posters, flyers, booklets and a video that will be presented by MMM to the local public transport providers in Edinburgh: Lothian Buses.


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